Frequently Asked Questions

There are dozens of different finishes that can be polished onto steel. Anything from the factory brushed finish to a custom pattern. The patterns are often chosen on functionality and personal taste. We are happy to work with you to find a design that is best suited to your individual needs and style.

Our focus is primarily on stainless steel. However, we can work with most any metal including copper, aluminum and carbon steel.

We do all the work from start to finish. We consult with you on your ideas and needs, we do the on-site measurements, build the item requested and finish with installation or delivery of the product.

Any of various steels alloyed with at least 10% chromium and sometimes containing other elements that are resistant to corrosion or rusting associated with exposure to water and moist air. Stainless Steel is a metal alloy popular as a surface for sinks and appliances. Stainless Steel is a great surface that doesn’t corrode or rust easily. It is also easy to clean and sanitize.

Stainless Steel has been used for many years in commercial kitchens and in the medical field because of its durability and sanitary nature. It has recently gained popularity in residential use for the same reasons as well as its aesthetic appeal.

Yes, a large part of Another Dimension is the creative aspect of metal design. We create unique furniture pieces with our own designs as well as work with the customer to produce a “one of a kind” piece.

Yes, we can almost do any custom design you desire. With the ability to have custom pieces laser cut, the precision of the designs whether simple or complex can be met.