Our Process


Step 1

Use the Another Dimension Counter Budget calculator to see if the price falls into your budget. Keep in mind that although the calculator can in most cases be very accurate there are in some cases details that the it cannot asses. See step 2.

Step 2

Contact us directly with exact details, drawings or to schedule a site visit so that we can give you a precise quote.

Step 3

Once a detailed quotation has been prepared and accepted, a 50% deposit invoice will be issued. Once deposit invoice is paid we will add your project to the schedule and begin production. Depending on our schedule at the time lead times can vary from 2 – 4 weeks.

Step 4

Another Dimension will call you to schedule a pick-up, delivery, or install depending on the service you requested.

Step 5

Enjoy your new shiny stainless steel counter top for many years to come!!