Wood Backer


Stainless steel, copper and metal countertops require a substrate fabricated from wood or metal to raise the surface to a standard thickness of 1 1/2″. This height enables all drawers and doors to open without any countertop interference and also adds support and valuable sound deadening to any metal surface, including stainless steel and copper countertops. Countertop edge designs with varying heights and shapes can be easily achieved by modifying the thickness of the substrates.

Our material of choice for most residential applications is MDF board, which is laminated to the underside of a stainless steel, copper or metal countertop with construction adhesive in two different layers for a standard 1 1/2″ thick countertop.  The first is a solid layer to add rigidity and sound deadening to the countertop.  The second layer is applied in 4″ strips along the perimeter and down the center to complete the required substrate thickness.  After the substrate has been completed we treat the underside with a marine grade paint to prevent any chance of moisture damage.

Another Dimension Custom Stainless can come to site to template and supply the wood substrate or to bring the cost down you can have your general contractor or millworker supply us the substrate.

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