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Creative Energy, Passion and Determination

into our custom stainless steel

Custom Stainless

We are experts in designing one-of-a-kind stainless steel solutions. Take a look at our news or gallery to see the custom work we do.

Budget Calculator

Do you want stainless steel countertops in your home? Use our 3-step countertop calculator and get our budget price online today!

Creative Metal is our Passion

Another Dimension Custom Stainless Inc. is a locally owned and operated business based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We have been serving the Calgary area since 2007 and in that time have become a successful, fast growing and extremely competitive force in the stainless steel and custom metal fabrication industry. Another Dimension utilizes high end machinery and materials to produce quality products.



14,613 lbs cf, Hatz 1D81S Diesel, 20" wide plate

Project image

Reversible Plate Compactor

Multiquip's Mikasa brand reversible plate compactors are the ideal high-production machines for efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils.

  • Reliable engine with Hatz diesel offering easy electric start-up.
  • Fold-out front and rear covers for easy access to all maintenance points.
  • Hour/Tachometer to measure machine hour usage and engine RPM.
  • Cyclonic pre-cleaner to capture most airborne contaminants for engine protection and extended service life.
  • Heavy duty shock mounts to withstand harsh operating environment while reducing vibration to the operator and helping to extend component life. 
  • Hydraulic controls enables operator to easily switch direction from forward to reverse while also allowing for spot compaction. 
  • Rugged base plate manufactured from high strength steel for top performance and featuring open design for easy cleanup.   
  • Steel frame protective guard with fully integrated cage protects the engine from loose debris or dirt while serving as a lifting bar for easy portability.
  • Low profile base plate lowers the center of gravity dramatically improving travel speed.
  • Extension plates can be added or removed to operating working width up to 6 inches.

Performance Data

Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.

Unit Specifications

Centrifugal Force 12365 lbf 55 kN
Exciter Speed 4400 VPM
Plate Size 20 x 35 in
500 x 900 mm
Plate Size
with Extensions
26 x 35 in
650 x 900 mm
Max Forward Speed
Per Min.
82 ft 25 m
Hatz 1B50

Dimensions & Weights

Operating Weight 1182 lb 536 kg

Documentation & Related Media

Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.

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