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Modern SW Duplex

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Another Dimension Stainless Steel
We just completed a project for both sides of a new SW Calgary duplex.  The owners contracted us to supply and install a unique staircase and railing system as well as stainless steel countertops throughout their homes.

In these homes, we stuck with the modern feel of their home by manufacturing a floating staircase.  To create a floating staircase, a steel plate is anchored to a concrete wall.  Stair treads are then welded to this steel plate.  The steel plate and concrete are then completely hidden underneath the drywall.  All you see when it is finished is the stair treads against the drywall making the area look more open.
A completely custom stainless steel railing system was carried throughout all three levels of the home completing the floating staircases.

In the kitchen, two islands and to straight countertops were covered in stainless steel creating a perfect streamlined kitchen.  We also welded in a small sink in to the one island and a larger sink into one of the countertops running along the wall.

The indoor stainless steel railing system was carried outdoors to add consistency to the home.

For more information on floating staircases or countertops for your home, please Contact Us.

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