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Double Sided Fireplace

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 by Another Dimension Stainless Steel
Earlier this week, we finished a project on a double sided fireplace between the home owners dining room and living room.

For the dining room side, maple panels were stained to match their kitchen cabinets.  These panels were placed around a stainless steel surround from floor to ceiling.  One inch stainless steel reveals were placed between the wood panels.

For the living room side, we used semi gloss white sculpted mdf from floor to ceiling surrounding a brushed stainless steel surround.  Stainless steel edging was put around the sculpted mdf.

We put stainless steel baseboard along both sides of the fireplace to tie everything in.  Tyco Woodwork was a great help to us when it came to the wood parts of this project.

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DSC08768.JPG  DSC08771.JPG  DSC08760.JPG  DSC08763.JPG 

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