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Inglewood Store Counter

Monday, August 16, 2010 by Another Dimension Stainless Steel
We just completed a project for a business owner in Inglewood, Calgary.  She wanted her store to stand out in this trendy neighborhood and wanted a stylish front counter.

A patterned stainless steel countertop and matching panels were the final design.  We custom made the stainless steel countertop and panels and then added a custom design.  These designs are one of a kind as they are done completely by hand so now two people will get the exact design.  The panels were securely attached to the wood desk and the wood was painted white to offset the stainless steel.

This front desk has had a lot of people talking.

For more information on stainless steel desks, counters, or accents for your business, please Contact Us.

DSC08004.jpg  DSC08009.jpg  DSC08007.jpg  DSC08002.jpg 

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